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Arrivel of Udgaard`s Madiquen
af Anita Olsen, Schweiz

13. Feb.2009

Arrivel of Udgaard`s Madiquen in the stable of Fuchs – Swiss. !
( second Knabstrupper in the stable of Fuchs , in the Swiss)

As Mr. Fuchs allready one time had spoken very positivly about getting some colour in his stable (when Isabella arrived) , he was ofcourse very proud , to bring his new jumping horse , personaly in the stable .

Our plan is to try to get Madiquen in the s class ,in jumping , and then take her out of the sport , and back into breeding again.

Mr. Alois Fuchs is a national and international jump rider , and trainer . He has also started in competions in Denmark.

Madiquen is trained by Fuchs , and also presented in competion by himself , always . Enclosed her eis a photo from a R 1- competiond in late december in Wängi - at his place.

Out of 102 horses , Madiquen , with 1 place passed the classification. We are quite proud of her.

I here would like to , one more time , to sent my thanks to our President ,Poul Gerhard , that he thrusted us , and let us buy Madiquen .

During February Madiquen will start in 2 competions in the R 1 class . the results myou can find at our webb site :

My bst wisches for you all

Anita Olsen , schweiz


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